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If you are looking for the ploppable Empire State Building landmark included in a base SimCity 4 installation, please see The Empire State Building.

Lot Stats
Empire State Building.png
General Information
Creator Author: CAM Team
Lot Size 8x4
Tileset Chicago, New York
Stage 14 (All)
Wealth Level CO§§§
Occupants (§§) 27972
Occupants (§§§) 19565
Bulldoze Cost §5278
Construction 255 days
Flammability 35
Fire Stage 5
Power Cons. 784 MWh
Water Cons. 16784 Gallons
Air Pol. 118 over 6 tiles
Water Pol. 118 over 7 tiles
Garbage Pol. 47 over 0 tiles

The Empire State Building is a High-Wealth Commercial Offices Building that grows on High Density Commercial zones, added as part of a CAM installation. [1].

It is a recreation of the Empire State Building in New York City, completed in 1931.


  1. Examplar: CO$$$_EmpireStateBuilding_04D4

A growable lot is one that "grows" on RCI Zones. Depending on the zone and the type of building, a growable building may require road access, power, water, or other amenities in order to grow.

Unlike a ploppable lot, which requires the mayor to specifically place the lot in the city, a growable will grow on its own when the necessary conditions for its growth are met.