Camille Meadows

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Camille Meadows
Camille Meadows.png
English Camille Meadows
Department Environment
Advice LUA File CA63E2A3 4A5E8EF6 FF20C5FD
Danish Camille Groen
Dutch Camille Groen
Finnish Jasmin Niitty
French Raymonde Dupré
German Annett Hillebrand
Italian Camille Meadows
Japanese ケビン マス
(Kevin Mass)
Polish Kunegunda Bąblowata
Portuguese Roberto Carros
Spanish Camille Meadows
Swedish Camilla Hagmark

Camille Meadows is the Environment Advisor in SimCity 4. Her role is to advise the player on how to improve the greenery in their city and act as somewhat of a self-proclaimed Public Safety Officer, seeking court orders to shut down utilities that draw from polluted resources. Her actions make her somewhat of a foe to Jonas Sparks.

Camille is also Progressively slanted, holding the opinion that 'profit-hungry Industrialists' should pay significantly higher tax rates to offset the damage they do the environment.

Her role in SimCity 4 and SimCity 4 Rush Hour compared to the other advisors is rather small, focussing almost solely on pollution, God Mode flora and annoying other advisors. It's possible that Maxis intended to greatly expand her role in a nature-themed expansion pack, as they did for Jamil Herd in Rush Hour.