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Lot Stats
Business Deal
Lot Size 6x4
Plop Cost §0
Monthly Cost §300 Income
Bulldoze Cost §20,000
Park Effect 65 Penalty over 25 tiles
Landmark Effect 50 Penalty over 22 tiles
Mayor Rating Effect 7 Penalty over 440 tiles
Fire Stage 5
Flammability 42
Power Consumed 300 MWh/Month
Water Consumed 350 m3/Month
Air Pollution 3 over 4 tiles
Water Pollution 3 over 5 tiles
Garbage Pollution 30 over 2 tiles
Radiation Pollution 10 over 5 tiles
Police Corruption Effect 50 over 128 tiles
Ploppable Lot
Download Here
General Information
Credits Author: Maxis

The Casino is a Business Deal building in SimCity 4.

It has a large penalty to most desirable properties, however has a massive landmark effect and creates little in the way of pollution.

As with all Business Deals, demolishing the building is an incredibly expensive action.

Unlock Requirements

Main article: Tutorial:How to get Maxis Rewards


All Difficulties

  • Population greater than 24,000 Sims
  • Legalised Gambling ordinance is Enabled


  • Mayor Limo Mission: High Roller in Town (For this mission to be offered, Gambling must be Legalised)