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The Standard Cheat codes come shipped with the game. The Extra Cheats are activated by installing the SC4 Extra Cheats.dll. SC4 Cheats are case sensitive. The cheat box can be shown by pressing Ctrl-X.

Standard Cheat Codes

Cheat Code Result
you don't deserve it Unlocks all rewards
weaknesspays 1000 extra simoleans
whererufrom "[name]" Changes City name
hellomynameis "[name]" Changes Mayor name
whatimeizit [hh:mm] Changes the time of day (in your city)
sizeof [1-100] Changes the magnification (This not the zoom level)
fightthepower Removes power requirement from all buildings
howdryiam Removes water requirement from all buildings
zoneria Hides the zone colours (Type again to show them)
tastyzots Hides zots (The code does not remove the need for power and water)
recorder Starts the recorder
dollyllama Transforms the advisors into llama's
fps Displays the FPS rate
terrainquery Starts the terrain query
gol Display green dots on the map

Extra Cheat Codes

This section requires the SC4 Extra Cheats.dll You can right click the cheat box for a list of cheats or manually type them in.