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Development of growable (RCI) lots in SimCity 4 is based on a property called growth stage.

In SimCity 4 (Vanilla and Rush Hour) residential and commercial lots are available in growth stages 1 through 8. Industrial (including agricultural) lots grow in stages 1 through 3. The Colossus Addon Mod extends these growth stages to:

Stage: Residential(R$, R$$, R$$$) Commercial(C$, C$$. C$$$) Industrial(I-D, I-M, I-HT) Agricultural(I-R)
SC4-RH: 1-8 1-8 1-3 1-3
CAM: 1-15 1-15 1-10 1-7


  • Residentials: 1 through 15 (9 through 15 are new)
  • Commercials: 1 through 15 (9 through 15 are new)
  • Industrials: 1 through 10 (4 through 10 are new)
  • Agriculturals: 1 through 7 (4 through 7 are new)

CAM Developers


What is the CAM?

Early Development

Main article: CAM/posts

Inspired by a post from Tropod at Simtropolis in 2005, RippleJet began testing what would become CAM, first posting his findings at BSC's private site before making them public.

How Does it Affect the Game

Main article: /posts

by adding stages to it


Installation and use


External Commuters

Old Region Integration