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This is a list of the members that have received a CML on SimCity 4 Devotion. It might not be completely up-to-date. The list at SC4D can be found here.

Member Custom Member Label
Alfred.Jones SC4D Local
Andreas Transit Controller
Badsim Not that bad !!!
BarbyW SC4 Devotion Goddess
bat bester deutscher Verfechter
bighead99 One Track Mind
blahdy Extreme Engineering
callagrafx The Scarlet Pimpernel
Chrisadams3997 Rurality Rules!
citynut BSC Canal Master
DebussyMan The Cathedralizer
dedgren The Weight of the Law
Diggis Dependency Digger
ebina Mr. Wizard
emilin Need a Port?
Ennedi The LandSC4per
freedo50 Count von Count
Fukuda SC4D Chapapotex Engineer (Another One Bites the Dust)
Gaston Solid Citizen
Glenni Ghetto Master
jacqulina Loving Falls
jeronij SimCity 4 Sculptor
jestarr Industry Giant
Jmouse Mouseketeer!
jmyers2043 BSC PlowBoy
jplumbley Plum Fierce
MAS71 SC4D's Mazinger-Z
Masochist I Want More SC4D
memo RULin' RULin' RULin'
mott Tweak Me Softly...
Pat Gettin' it Right!
RippleJet Just Ripple It¡¡¡
rooker1 Give Your Mind a Scape¡¡¡
Sandrasim LEX Angel
Strechnitz Bon Vivant
Swamper77 BSC Mechanic
Tarkus Mr. PuzzlePiece
TheTeaCat Official Teamaker
threestooges Bridging the Gap
thundercrack83 Just the Stats, Man!
Warrior Einstein, Jr.
wouanagaine SC4 CodeMaster