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Desirability is a factor that gives you indirect control over the types of occupants in your city. The desirability for a certain development in an area is affected by some actions taken by the mayor. The desirability for each development can be checked in the Desirability Data View and the table hereunder shows the actions that can be taken to improve the desirability.

Residential Commercial Services Commercial Offices Agriculture Dirty/Manufacturing High Tech
Reduce Air Pollution Reduce Garbage Reduce Garbage Reduce Air Pollution Reduce Crime Reduce Air Pollution
Reduce Garbage Reduce Crime Reduce Crime Reduce Garbage Smaller Freight Trips Reduce Garbage
Reduce Crime Reduce Air Pollution Reduce Air Pollution Reduce Traffic
Place Schools Increase Traffic Place Landmarks Smaller Freight Trips Place Parks
Place Parks Place Near R Increase Traffic Reduce Crime Smaller Freight Trips
Place Hospitals Place Landmarks Place Near CS
Smaller Commute Place Near CO
Reduce Traffic Noise