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{{Infobox grow2
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|author = Maxis
|author = Maxis

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Lot Stats
Ellery Elm Tenements.png
General Information
Creator Author: Maxis
Lot Size 1x2, 1x3
Tileset New York
Stage 4 (1x3)
5 (1x2)
Wealth Level
Occupants (§) 73
Bulldoze Cost §170
Construction 17 days
Flammability 43
Fire Stage 3
Power Cons. 1 MWh
Water Cons. 5 Gallons
Air Pol. 4 over 4 tiles
Water Pol. 1 over 5 tiles
Garbage Pol. 4 over 0 tiles

Ellery Elm Tentements is a Low-Wealth Residential Building that grows on only Medium and High Density Residential zones, added in the Rush Hour Expansion Pack. [1]


  1. R$16x30_4EuroBoxyApt6_0202