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A list of frequently asked questions about SimCity4, custom content and the general SC4 community, in no particular order.

Where can I find [Plugin-XYZ]

There is many ways of finding this information, one of which is use the Wiki's list of plugins. Most fansites have a help and support section where you can ask about plugins you want, and can search through lists of plugins that other users have compiled. One such resource is SC4Devotion's Where Can I Find This.. board.

What is this "wiki" thing?

The wiki is a community wide collaboration attempting to amass all the knowledge of SimCity4 into one place.

For other questions about the wiki see the help section

What does [acronym/phrase] stand for?

There are lots of different acronyms and phrases that are passed around regularly in articles/threads, most of them being unintelligible to newcomers. There is a list of commonly acronyms and abbreviations at the SC4 Glossary.

If you have ideas for questions you would like to see added to the FAQ, you can post your suggestions here.