Jamil Herd

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Jamil Herd
Jamil Herd.png
English Jamil Herd
Department Transport
Danish Jamil Hansen
Dutch Jamil Hansen
Finnish Kaarlo Poljin
French Albert Geais
German Hans Schmidt
Italian Jamil Herd
Japanese ジミー ロウ
(Jimmy Rowe)
Polish Józef Wąchocki
Portuguese Roberto Carros
Spanish Jamil Herd
Swedish Jamil Skock

Jamil Herd is the rather laid-back Transit Advisor in SimCity 4. His role is to advise the player on how to better manage their city's Vehicular Traffic and Mass Transit. He also advices on capacity issues at Airports and Seaports, but is not responsible for advocating their construction, that task falls to Neil Fairbanks.

Jamil is of African-American descent and his language indicates that he grew up in a city in the Southern United States. An aversion to conflict is also shown when he states he doesn't wish to 'get under the collar of that gal in Finance.'

He is also one of the Advisors that may greet the player upon creation of a new city, generally after Neil Fairbanks and before Camille Meadows.

His role in SimCity 4 compared to the other advisors (Except for Camille Meadows) is rather small, focussing almost solely on Road Congestion and offering no useful help on how to fix it. His role and helpfulness were broadened in the Rush Hour expansion pack.