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Lot Editor
SC4D's Official Support Pages
lets you edit the layout of lots
General Information
Credits game developers
Support help can be found at Fansites
Languages Game Locale

The Lot Editor is a tool that gives you access to much of the visual content in SimCity 4 (Deluxe Edition or with the Rush Hour addon) and enables you to customize the look of existing lots and use them in the game. This tool also allows you to create unique lots that can be plopped in your cities.

Lots are the elements used by SimCity 4 to get buildings and props into your city. Typical lot includes a building, props, base texture and overlay texture. They are assembled in unique ways resulting in the many residential yards and plots of land that are seen when you zone and grow a residential area. Lots can be described as a thing that you plop in your city in SimCity 4, for example Police Station or the Park.

Since lots are that component that contains so much of the visual content used in SimCity, the ability to customize them provides a great deal of power in personalizing the look of your city.

Here is a Lot Editor tutorial that also includes the basics of the PIM.