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Maxis is a game developing company headed by Will Wright. It's well-known productions include SimCity series, The Sims series and recently released Spore.

The company has started in 1980s, and gain international popularity with SimCity. The game was so well received, that Maxis decided to make a sequel to the game. In 1993, SimCity 2000 was released. Many people still play this one, and even state that that version is the best in the series. It's brang many improvements, including the series trademark dimetric view. In the limited version of the game, the Urban Renewal Kit was released. It was the first step in giving players a possibility to customize their game by completely editing the look of the buildings.

Then, in 1999, the next game in the franchise was released. SimCity 3000 had the drmatically different menagment aspects than its preceditors. The biggest change was the introduce of waste menagment. Many critics claimed that the game was too easy. Despite that, the game is one of the best selling games that Maxis have ever produced.

In 2003, SimCity 4 was released. It's the most extensive game in the frenchise.