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The MML mod uses a method to shrink entire lot collections to a single icon, and make the rest available when they are needed. This is done by plopping a "construction lot", waiting about one game month, and the rest of the icons become available. Once you bulldoze the construction lot, the icons will be hidden when you start your city again. The method was developed by BSC member daeley, and the first set of 20 MML mods was released by Andreas in April 2006.

How it works

The MML Mod is based on a "construction lot" that triggers a reward script, much like the in-game rewards. When plopping this construction lot, the script will unhide the other icons of a lot set, as long as the construction lot is placed in a city. Bulldozing it will gray out the rest of the icons, and after saving and restarting your city, the icons will be hidden again. For expanding your creation, simply plop the construction lot again.


The main goal of this mod was to reduce the number of icons in the game menus, since there is no way to add new menus or submenus to the game. Shrinking an entire collection of lots down to just one icon does not only reduce the space that is required, but it does also reduce the time that is needed for opening a menu. The MML mods can be removed from the plugins folder at any time, so you can prevent some of the drawbacks (described below) when building your city.


Like with the in-game rewards, it takes some game days until the icons show up (usually a few days or up to a game month). You also have to click on the menu again after plopping each lot, since it gets out of focus, so you can't plop a large number of lots by clicking several times in a row. For hiding the icons again, you will have to exit and re-enter the city, and due to the usage of a reward script, it's necessary to add a "landmark" occupant group to the construction lots, so they will also show up at the end of the landmark menu (only the construction lots, not the other ones).