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NAM Documentation

This is the index page for the Wiki version of the Network Addon Mod (NAM) documentation, which is still under construction.

A full copy of the latest NAM version's documentation can be found at sc4devotion.com/namdoc.

Introduction and General Information

What is the NAM?

Installation and Requirements

New Features

Glossary of NAM Terms and Acronyms

Note to Steam Users

Feature Guides

Base Network Content

Overview of Maxis Fixes

New Base Network Features

Terrain Diggers and Raiser Lots

Traffic Simulator and Automata Plugins

Overview of the NAM Traffic Simulator

Overview of the NAM Automata Plugins

Transit Stations

PedMalls and Pedestrian Walkways

PedMall Features

Additional Bridges

Overview of Additional Bridge Options

Wide-Radius Curves and Fractional-Angle Networking

Introduction to Wide-Radius Curves (WRCs)

Introduction to Fractional-Angle Networks (FANs)

Quick Guide to Wide-Radius Curve and Fractional-Angle Patterns


Roundabout Features

Turn Lanes and TuLEPs

Basic Turn Lane Features

Turn Lane Extension Pieces (TuLEPs)

FLEX Turn Lanes (FTLs) (upcoming)

One-Way Road Signalized Intersection and Turn Arrow Project (SITAP)

RealHighway Mod (RHW)


RHW Networks and Their Construction

Building On/Off Ramps (Ramp Interfaces)

Transitioning Between RHW Networks

RHW Neighbor Connections

RHW Bridges

RHW FLEXFly (FLEXible Flyover)

RHW Curve Options

Fractional Angle RHWs (FARHW)

RHW QuickChanges(QCs)

Special RHW Functionality

RHW Cosmetic Pieces (CPs)

Building RHW Interchanges

Network Widening Mod (NWM)


NWM Networks and Their Construction

Transitioning Between NWM Networks

Elevated Road and Rail Viaducts

Draggable Elevated Viaducts

Elevated Viaduct Puzzle Pieces

Street Addon Mod (SAM)


SAM Networks and Their Construction

Rural Roads Project (RuRP)

Overview of Rural Roads Project (RuRP) Features

Maxis Highway Override (Project Symphony)

Introduction to the Maxis Highway Override/Project Symphony

RealRailway Mod (RRW)



Ground Light Rail (GLR)/Tram and El-Rail Dual Networking

Introduction to Ground Light Rail/Tram

High Speed Rail Project (HSRP)

Introduction to the High Speed Rail Project (HSRP)

Flexible Underpasses (FLUPs) and Underground Rail (URail)

Introduction to Flexible Underpasses (FLUPs)

Introduction to Underground Rail (URail)

Canal Addon Mod (CAN-AM)

Introduction to using the Canal Addon Mod (CAN-AM).

Diagonal Bridge Enabler (DBE)

Introduction to Diagonal and Advanced Bridges with the Diagonal Bridge Enabler (DBE)