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There are two attributes associated with every RHW network: height and width. Transitions allow one to raise or lower the height of a given network, via Height Transitions, or to change its width, in increments of one lane (per carriageway), through Width Transitions.

Height Transitions

There are two types of RHW Height Transitions included, the FLEX Height Transitions (or FLEX-HT) and the Puzzle Piece Height Transitions. The FLEX Height Transitions are the preferred method, and are capable of producing transitions between all height levels of all widths of RHW. The Puzzle Piece Height Transitions are deprecated, include a limited number of transitions built to outmoded RHW specifications, and are not installed by default. Instead, the "Deprecated Height Transitions" option must be checked in a custom installation of the NAM. All transitions included of types are orthogonal-only; there is no diagonal support for Height Transitions at present.

FLEX Height

There are a total of 5 items under the FLEXHeight Button:

  1. 1-Level FLEX On-Slope Transition
  2. 1-Level FLEX Height Transition
  3. 2-Level FLEX On-Slope Transition
  4. 2-Level FLEX Height Transition
  5. MIS 1-Level 180-Degree Loop Transition

On-Slope versions are designed for placement at the edge of an embankment, while the standard versions are intended for placement on (relatively) flat terrain.

While each of these FLEX Height Transitions initially comes out looking like it is intended for the RHW-2 network, because they are FLEX items, they are capable of accepting overrides, and can be transformed to fit any other RHW network as needed.

Deprecated (Puzzle Piece) Height Transitions

There are a total of 23 items under the deprecated Height Transitions Button:

  1. RHW-4 Ground-to-Elevated ON
  2. RHW-4 Ground-to-Elevated OFF
  3. RHW-4 Ground-to-Elevated On-Slope ON
  4. RHW-4 Ground-to-Elevated On-Slope OFF
  5. RHW-6S Ground-to-Elevated ON/OFF
  6. RHW-6S Ground-to-Elevated On-Slope ON/OFF
  7. MIS Ground-to-Elevated L2 ON
  8. MIS Ground-to-Elevated L2 OFF
  9. MIS Ground-to-Elevated L2 On-Slope ON
  10. MIS Ground-to-Elevated L2 On-Slope OFF
  11. RHW-2 Ground-to-Elevated L2
  12. RHW-2 Ground-to-Elevated L2 T On-Slope
  13. RHW-2 Ground-to-Elevated L2 On-Slope
  14. RHW-6C Ground-to-Elevated L2
  15. RHW-6C Ground-to-Elevated L2 On-Slope
  16. MIS Ground-to-Elevated L2 Curved ON
  17. MIS Ground-to-Elevated L2 Curved OFF
  18. MIS Ground-to-Elevated L2 Curved ON Starterless
  19. MIS Ground-to-Elevated L2 Curved OFF Starterless
  20. L2-ERHW-4 to L3-ERHW-4 transition Starterless
  21. RHW-4 Ground-to-Mid-Elevated L3 Starterless
  22. MIS L2-to-L3 Starterless
  23. MIS Ground-to-Mid-Elevated L3 Starterless

Width Transitions

At present, the Width Transition options have not received the FLEX treatment. Thus, they all still exist as static puzzle pieces, designed for connecting one RHW network to another with one more or one less lane per carriageway. To use these transitions, simply drag the two networks you wish to transition between to a point where they nearly (but do not quite) meet, and place the transition. All of these transitions are orthogonal-only; there is no diagonal support for Width Transitions at present.

There are a total of 30 items under the Width Transitions button.

  1. RHW-2-to-RHW-4 Transition A
  2. RHW-2-to-RHW-4 Transition B
  3. RHW-4-to-RHW-6S Transition Style A
  4. RHW-6-to-8 Transition Style A
  5. RHW-8-to-10 Transition Style A
  6. RHW-4-to-6C Transition A
  7. RHW-4-to-6C Transition B
  8. RHW-6C-to-6S Transition A
  9. RHW-6C-to-6S Transition B
  10. RHW-8S to RHW-8C Symmetrical Transition
  11. RHW-8S to RHW-8C Compact Transition
  12. RHW-6C to RHW-8C transition
  13. RHW-6C-to-8S Transition
  14. RHW4-MIS Transition L0
  15. RHW-2-to-3 Transition
  16. RHW-2-to-WRHW-2 Transition
  17. WRHW-2-to-RHW-3 Transition
  18. RHW-3-to-RHW-4 Transition A1/A2
  19. RHW-3-to-RHW-4 Transition B1/B2
  20. L1 RHW-4-to-RHW-6S Transition Style A
  21. L1 RHW-6S-to-8S Transition Style A
  22. L1 RHW-8S-to-10S Transition Style A
  23. L1 RHW-6C to RHW-8C transition
  24. RHW4-MIS Transition L1
  25. L2 RHW-4-to-RHW-6S Transition Style A
  26. L2 RHW-6S-to-8S Transition Style A
  27. L2 RHW-8S-to-10S Transition Style A
  28. L2 RHW-6C to RHW-8C transition
  29. RHW4-MIS Transition L2
  30. DDRHW-4-to-Dual-ERHW-4 (L1/L2) Connector

Transitions to Non-RHW Networks