Neil Fairbanks

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Neil Fairbanks
Neil Fairbanks.png
English Neil Fairbanks
Department City Planning/General
Danish Nico Ritman
Dutch Nico Ritman
Finnish Niilo Reilujätkä
French Justin Paux
German Klaus Müller
Italian Neil Fairbanks
Japanese ニール バイ
(Neil Bai)
Polish Hipolit Pryćko
Portuguese Ney Einstein
Spanish Neil Fairbanks
Swedish Neil Fairbanks

Neil Fairbanks is the City Planning Advisor in SimCity 4. His role is to advise the player on demands made of the city (Or the lack thereof) by Residents, Commerce and Industry. Neil is also responsible for any task not suited for the other advisors, such as informing the player when most rewards are unlocked.

Neil is also the first Advisor to greet the player upon the founding of a new city, with his introductory news item being scripted to appear the day after the city is founded.

He appears to have some degree of enthusiasm for Aircraft, frequently going too close to the Air Force Base and becoming excitable at the mention of the player's city coming into possession of a Police Helicopter.