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f&h Diamond Ring

Fatsuhono (also known as nihonkaranws) is a Japanese BATer, involved with the SimCity Aviation Group and the TSC Team. In real life, he is named Jiro and lives in Fukuoka, Japan. Fatsuhono began BATing in early 2008, and was working with the now inactive JDM Team (founded by Skyliner and Fatsuhono/nihonkaranws at Simtropolis), then went on to joining the SCAG, and later the HKABT. Recently, Fatsuhono quit the HKABT and joined the TSC team, mostly BATting heavy industrial buildings (mills, plants, etc.). Fatsuhono BATs with 3ds max 7, and has also made other non-SC4 3D models including his "f&h Diamond Ring".

Fatsuhono's main current project, with the TSC Team, is called "Alkaline Heavy Industries", and involves the BATting of heavy industrial BATs, including a pulp mill, and a planned sawmill and concrete plant. Fatsuhono is also known for his 20+ page City Journal (CJ) "Coulla" on Simtropolis. The CJ was ended in August 2008 and since then a new version was started.

Notable work

  • Alkaline Northwest Works Pulp Mill
  • Nippon City Block Pack
  • SCAG Modular ATCT Pack 1
Chiyoda "Koppu" Station, a glass beams-style station BATed by Fatsuhono

Current projects

  • Mitchell-Brinkman Concrete Corp.
  • Alkaline Indian Oil Works
  • Fokker 100 Project (for SCAG)
  • Beijing Great Wheel ("Great Wheel of China")
  • Hakata Port Tower