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hamish is a Mac user who lives in New Zealand. He makes Maps for No Name Maps Team and before this, personally. He is also a member of the Simtropolis Help Squad. Hamish is mostly a member at Simtropolis but does have an account for SimCity 4 Devotion Hamish has made one CJ, which is currently still running.


Hamish has made a handful of maps.

Pre NNMT Mapping

One of Hamish's latter maps

Hamishs Pre NNMT mapping can be found at Simtropolis under hamish on the Simtropolis exchange (STEX).


Hamish is a member of the No Name Maps Team. He has not released any work while mapping for them, but one is soon on the way.

City Journal

Hamish only has one CJ under his name, Motonui. This CJ is still relatively new. Once the City Journal gets going however, it will incorporate many new ways of viewing Sim City. This has already started happening by the use of you tube videos, like Haljackey does in his Greater Terran Region.


Motonui was started on the 17/8/08. It has only had 3 updates so far.


In his CJ, hamish has employed the use of "ideas". These ideas include things that have impressed hamish over the years that he has been a member at Simtropolis, and also things that he thinks are missing from the Simcity experience.

Idea 1. The first idea that has been released was the use of videos. The use of videos was a form of media that Hamish thought was missing from the Simcity CJ scene.

Idea 2. The uses of 800x500 pixel images. This was also inspired by Haljackey by his use of widescreen images.

Many more ideas will be released in due time.



Hamish has been a member of Simtropolis since the 6th of September 2005. Three years. And has a total post count of 1750+ You will mainly find Hamish in the Off Topic section of the Forums, the Mac section, The Simtropolis Community Section and the Mapping Community Board Forum.

SimCity 4 Devotion

Hamish has been a member of SimCity 4 Devotion since the 27th of December 2006. And has a total of 13+ posts.