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Krio's "milk carton" avatar

Krio is a Finnish BATter, best known for his Diagonal BATs and his role in founding Team Grater, along with his milk carton avatar and his controversial comments that have repeatedly gotten him in trouble at several forums. He has been an active member in the community since 2006, first starting as a "regular" chatter and City Journalist at Simtropolis, beginning with Qaddro, followed by the satirical Valtio. During the Summer of 2007, he started to BAT, first making Finnish Wall-to-Wall buildings, then moving onto diagonals, after template models were provided by prepo.

In 2007, Krio released 11 different BATs, which were withdrawn from STEX after he was banned from Simtropolis. Krio was briefly a member of BLaM during this time.

After being exiled from ST, he continued making BATs, and showcasing them at SC4D, until being banned from that site. During his time at SC4D, he founded Team Grater with Patriots_1228. He released 44 different BATs on the BSC LEX, but they were withdrawn in Summer 2008. Currently, Krio remains active at SimPeg and SimCity Polska, and has made over 80 BATs during his batting career. He currently co-leads the revived Team Grater, and remains an active BATer.

Notable work

  • Helsinki City Hall
  • Sokos Hakaniemi Department Store
  • Diagonal Metro stations
  • Krio Diagonal Tower pack
  • Over 40 diagonal W2W BATs


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