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memo is a German NAM Team and SFBT member, whose technical expertise and vision for the NAM have been crucial in many projects. He played an important role in developing the network override technology, creating most of the RULs for the draggable GLR network, as well as the diagonal SAM, and several on-slope puzzle pieces.

After a period of absence, memo returned to the team with one of the most significant NAM elements to date in the form of draggable FA road networks, essentially setting off "the draggable revolution", which saw a general rescinding of puzzle pieces in favor of draggable networks and Flex items. During the first stage of the Monolithic NAM era, he played a crucial role in team organization, and implemented many design choices. He also worked on unifying coding systems, and developed a number of widely-used tools for transit modders. Last but not least, during his presence he continually played an important role in RHW development and in the initial phase of the RRW design, all the while developing another noteworthy addition: the El-Rail-over-Avenue network.