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Dustin (thundercrack83) is an American member of Simtropolis and SimCity 4 Devotion, the latter of which he is primarily active, and serves as an Administrator. Joining SC4Devotion on December 19, 2006, Dustin immediately became an active member of the community, with a majority of his support coming in the Mayor Diary section.

Dustin's first major contribution to SC4D came in the form of The Many Nations of SC4Devotion, a thread designed to maintain a comprehensive list of the home nation of each member of the SC4D community. The Many Nations of SC4Devotion, started on Valentine's Day 2007, is still currently active at SC4D, and features a variety of information regarding the home nations of SC4D members.

On May 16, 2007, Dustin began the SC4Devotion Mayor Diary Statistics, which tabulated the post and view count of each active MD at SC4Devotion, as well as the growth, average daily post count, and the top five in weekly growth. He was subsequently given the CML "Just the stats, man!" for his work maintaining both The Many Nations and the MD Statistics.

In August 2007, Dustin became a local moderator in the Mayors' Diary section of SC4Devotion, given the authority to oversee the entire section, as well as move the MDs through the forum hierarchy and to the Inactive MDs and MD Archives sections. A year later, in the Fall of 2008, he was promoted to Global Moderator, and November 26, 2008, was promoted to position of Administrator of SC4Devotion, which is his current post.

Dustin also began his first MD, Commonwealth of Marathon, on November 5, 2008, and has active maintained it since its inception.

In addition to being a supporter of the MD Section, Dustin is a major supporter and contributor to the Three Rivers Region (3RR) project, by David (dedgren). As a member of the 3RR Team, he aids in the maintenance and upkeep of the 3RR Honors List, and with the help of Joan (Jmouse) helps to keep the 3RR Table of Contents updated, as well as transferring the original pages of 3RR at Simtropolis over to SC4Devotion in the 3RR-ST subsection.

Aside from SimCity 4, Dustin is also a fanatical fan of Bruce Springsteen, and, as of February 2009, has been to thirty Bruce Springsteen concerts in nine different U.S. states since 1999. He is an avid sports fan, especially professional baseball, a life-long supporter of the Philadelphia Phillies, and hockey, as a Montréal Canadiens fan, as well as an interested fan of the Québec Major Junior, Ontario, and Western Hockey Leagues. When not at SC4D, he spends most of his time reading, spending time with his girlfriend, and having his face licked by her fifteen-month old dog, a papillon named Figaro.