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Mod - NAM Plugin
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General Information
Credits Tarkus--Lead Developer

Blue Lightning, choco, GDO29Anagram, jdenm8, mrtnrln, mtg, Shadow Assassin, toja--Developers smoncrie, choco, Blue Lightning--Bridge Development Swamper77, Blue Lightning, mrtnrln, Tarkus, jdenm8--Models Tarkus, Blue Lightning, mrtnrln, Shadow Assassin, GDO29Anagram--North American Textures

Andreas, Tarkus--Packaging

NAM Associates--Testing

Support For help READ the readme and consult the RHW Development Thread at SC4D.

SC4Devotion Development thread

Languages English

Most Recent Version: Version 5.0 (September 15, 2011)

Version 5.0 of the RealHighway Mod incorporates new elevated and double-decker networks, along with the FlexSPUI interchange system, dozens of new cosmetic pieces, plus new ramp interfaces and fractional angle pieces.