Road-Top Mass Transit

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Road Top Mass Transit are mass transit stations that are directly situated on a road surface, instead of one or more separate squares. The standard bus and subway stations that come with the game are disproportionately large. In contrast, RTMT stations are built to the scale of the game, and therefore can easily fit on the side of a road. For those people who want their cities and towns to look as realistic as possible, this is extremely helpful.

The first two versions of RTMT were created by DarkMatter, Teirusu and CJM (CJMarshall). Cogeo took up the project from there, and made extensive improvements and additions in versions 3.00 and 3.50; at this point, the current RTMT is largely his work. The two editions of the current version 3.50 of this package (EXE and ZIP) have well over 30,000 downloads on the STEX; they were later made available on the LEX, and you can get the EXE package (easier to install) here and the ZIP version (useful for advanced users) here. Cogeo has branched out into other areas of SC4 development, and unfortunately no longer has time to continue working on RTMT. z volunteered to take over the development and maintenance of this project.

The RTMT (Team) have since released version 3.51 (a patch), and version 3.60 (and add-on pack superseding version 3.51) that work with version 3.50.

Parts of this article were extracted from this thread at SC4D, that was written by z