Red Arrow Bug

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This bug happens when the NAM isn't installed properly. It makes all or some of the puzzle pieces become "non-ploppable"

This bug can also be caused if a certain plugin file is outdated and/or conflicting with the NAM. Reading the file's readme or running the BSC Cleanitol program is often the best way to fix this problem.


The only thing which can cause the red arrow bug is the presence of obsolete and outdated "high-level" (RUL-based) transit mods in your Plugins folder, which are conflicting with the current NAM.

What can cause Red Arrow Bug:

  • Past versions of the NAM
  • DatPacked NAM files
  • Versions of the RHW released prior to June 1, 2007 (v13a and earlier)
  • NAM_Override_FencedGLR.dat (included with cogeo's Fenced GLR Puzzle Pieces--which are otherwise compatible with the current NAM without this file
  • Old GLR Neighbour Connection fixes (Z_Connector.dat and Z_Connector_Jan 07.dat)
  • Transit SuperMod by DarkMatter (pre-NAM)
  • Transit BugFix by the7trumpets (pre-NAM)
  • Transit BugFix Supplement by redlotus (pre-NAM)

To solve this issue, remove these files from your Plugins. You can use the BSC Cleanitol program, with the included NAM Cleanitol List (included with the NAM Download), which will remove all these outdated files automatically. Please also note that the list above is potentially incomplete.

What cannot cause Red Arrow Bug

Technical Info

RUL Files are SC4 files which control the placement of transit networks in-game, including both draggabble networks and puzzle pieces. Some bridges are also RUL-controlled. Each one has a specific function, and the game can only read one copy of each of these RUL files. When you are getting the red arrow bug, it means that the game is loading a RUL file which does not reference the puzzle piece you are trying to place in game.