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{{Infobox plop
#REDIRECT [[Rockefeller Center (DLC)]]
|img = {{{image1|{{{img|[[Image:Rockefeller_center.png|300px]]}}}}}}
|dl = [https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9300614/maxis_files/Plugin_033_RockefellerCenter.dat Plugin Pack 033]
|author = Maxis
|size = 4x4
|type = {{Infobox plop/Parks and Recreation}}
|plop-cost = 90,000
|monthly-cost = 180
|bulldoze-cost = 8,100
|construction-time =
|flammability = 39
|fire = 4
|power = 10
|water = 9
|air-mag = 1
|air-spr = 1
|water-mag = 1
|water-spr = 2
|garbage-mag = 3
|garbage-spr = 0
|landmark-mag = 60
|landmark-spr = 24
|mayor-mag = 7
|mayor-spr = 256
|support =
|credits = ''
The '''Rockefeller Center''' is a downloadable [[Landmark|Landmark Building]] for SimCity 4 [[Rush Hour]]/Deluxe, released as the '''Plugin Pack 033''' free Downloadable Content.
It provides no services aside from a Landmark Effect and Mayor Rating boost.
It is a rough recreation of the {{WP|GE Building}} and two outlying buildings in {{WP|Manhattan}}, {{WP|New York}} as it appeared in 2003.
The News Ticker fluff entry created on its placement is "#city# Sims Think Rockefeller Center Rocks!".
== Trivia ==
The properties for this building aren't consistent with other landmarks of its size like the [[Bank of America|Bank of America Center]], this may have been done to reflect its primary use as television studios, however it's more likely they were copied from [[Sobchak Lanes]] or [[Lucky's Hang Ten]] and not changed before release by accident.
Oddly, the building's properties specify it as a place of worship. Whether this is a mistake or a cynical take on the American media is unknown.
It is one of the less accurate recreations made by Maxis. The roof and top four floors are completely wrong from a structural standpoint and the building as a whole is only about two thirds of the length it should be.
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