Rural Renewal Project

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Rural Renewal Project
Culverts (LEX)
Draggable Paths (LEX)
Pasture Flora (LEX)
Wooden Fences (LEX)
General Information
Credits Chrisadams3997
Status Released (v1.0)
Project Threads SC4D Development Thread
Language English

The Rural Renewal Project, also known as RRP, is a project that wants to increase the diversity of SimCity 4's agricultural/rural areas. The project is led by Chrisadams3997, and has recently been released to the LEX.

Individual Projects

  • Gravel paths
  • Wooden fences
  • New floras
  • Draggable paths
  • New highway overpasses
  • Rural culverts
  • Dams
A landscape created by using RRP Lots