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  •''' is part of the [[3RR]] Project by [[dedgren]]. It keeps track of the members of [[The Double 00 Club]], that is available [ {{navbox/3RR}}
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  • |group3= [[:Category:3RR/collaborators|Team Members]] |list3= <dpl>category=3RR/collaborators
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  • ...of 2004. He joined [[SC4Devotion|SimCity 4 Devotion]] as one of its first members in November, 2005, and was an administrators there from January, 2006 until ...ple|filasimo}} been working on the not RMIP wide and diagonal runway set. 3RR heads into its third year on [[SC4Devotion|SimCity 4 Devotion]] with everyo
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  • ...wing of readers. {{member|dedgren|David}} spent several months developing 3RR as a four quad (large city tile) "sandbox" region, and he made no bones abo ...o this day. Nowadays, most of the 3RR Custom Content can be found on the [[3RR Exchange]].
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  • ..., and features a variety of information regarding the home nations of SC4D members. ...erring the original pages of 3RR at Simtropolis over to SC4Devotion in the 3RR-ST subsection.
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  •'s most distinguished members had joined by the end of 2005, and 3RR moved over from [[Simtropolis]] and set up as one of the site's first [[May ...assistant admins created a staff from the most involved and knowledgeable members, and the site has received many accolades for being well organized and effi
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  • '''Fractional Angle Networking''' is an effort by several [[NAM Team]] members to break road and rail networks out of the {{WP|orthogonal}}/{{WP|diagonal} ...inated in the early spring of 2008 with a post in [[Three Rivers Region]] (3RR) by {{member|dedgren|David}} proposing the FAR and developing a set of text
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  • ...s'' on the 25th of December [[2008]] to reflect the many nations it's team members represent. ITC is currently led by {{member|Threestooges}} and {{member|Cas The LBT team was formed by Heblem and other members, Pat had joined to help out Heblem with some lotting and modding projects t
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  • *[[3RR]]: Three Rivers Region. *[[NAM]]: Network Add-On Mod. ([[Plugin:NAM]], [[NAM/members]])
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