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  • ...eation group, founded in 2004. The name is derived from the three initial members, {{member|N74707}} (N), {{member|DuskTrooper}} (D), and {{member|Equinox}} publicly), and Equinox going on hiatus. {{member|Ill Tonkso}} kept the NDEX name alive after this point. The team expanded again in 2007, with {{membe
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  • ===What is NDEX?=== ...nally, others of whom use gmax and Maxis' BAT utility. There are now a few members who make lots after receiving a model from another team member. There also
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  • *{{member|DragonAnime|DA}}: DragonAnime, NDEX batter *[[NAM]]: Network Add-On Mod. ([[Plugin:NAM]], [[NAM/members]])
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