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Most of the ModTheSims2 Wiki was written between 2003 and 2005. Work on the Wiki came to a halt by June 2006, and in 2007 the site was relocated. Some of the site's pages and information were copied over to the SC4 Encyclopedia at its founding in 2007-2008, and those pages have generally remained in active use. However, much of the original site remained untouched in its new location at the Sims Wiki (aka Sims 2 Wiki), and consequently the information contained therein was not updated with more recent findings on the topics.

In 2012, I began retrieving the old MTS2 Wiki articles and copying them over to SC4E. However, I can't possibly ensure that all of the information in these pages is technically correct, and much of the information was still a work-in-progress when it was abandoned anyway. So, I have created this label and am affixing it to any pages where the information is a copy of the old Wiki and I have any reason to believe it may be obsolete or incorrect due to new discoveries between 2005-2012.

If you find a page with this label, and have sufficient technical knowledge to review and/or update the article, please do so, and remove this label from the page. If you are unsure, you can always discuss any ideas on the Talk pages. If you need information regarding the transfer of the MTS2 articles to SC4E or copies of the original pages, you can usually find me on SC4Devotion.

- whatevermind, 1 Mar 2012