City Journal Hall of Fame

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The City Journal Hall of Fame|Simtropolis City Journal Hall of Fame is a section of the Simtropolis' Omnibus which holds the inductees to the Hall of Fame. The CJs themselves remain in the City Journal section, so as to be preserved there. The Hall of Fame forum contains an induction thread with a short description about the CJ and a few images, followed by a link to the journal itself. The City Journal Hall of Fame forum can be found here


In order to be inducted into the CJHoF, a city journal must first meet a few requirements. It is noted that the judges do reserve the right to bend some rules at their discretion.

-Be inactive

-Contain 10 or more pages

-Contain still-viewable pictures

The induction process begins with a nomination to the STCJHallOfFame account, which any member of Simtropolis may do via PM. After nomination, the judges will look over the nomination and determine whether or not they agree that the journal should be inducted. Once it passes through the judges, it is only a matter of time before everything else is in place to announce a new inductee to the Hall of Fame.