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About SC4D Encyclopaedia

SC4D Encyclopaedia is a free, multilingual, open content encyclopaedia project for SimCity 4-related information. The project aims to provide easy to access and up-to-date information on every aspect of the game. Mediawiki software was chosen for this project as it allows members to easily edit and collaborate on articles, which means that knowledge can be quickly consolidated, distilled, and checked for accuracy by anyone who wants to be involved.

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The Wiki is presently in the process of being re-assembled on the new server. Editing is restricted to registered users, but registration is now open.
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SC4 Savegames by various decoders

Savegame (.sc4) files are DBPF files, containing a number of files specific to the city, including various subfiles, like Network Subfiles, the Building Subfile but also the Advisor Subfiles, etc. They can be opened with Reader by ilive and the SC4 Savegame Explorer by wouanagaine. However, as critical parts of the file encoding have not been discovered, and Maxis used a checksum algorithm on these files, voiding them when anything is changed to them outside the game, there is currently no editing program capable of successfully modifying these files except for SimCity 4 itself. Some of the files have at least had their purpose identified and been named, while even fewer have been partially or fully decoded.

Read More: Savegame
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