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Phats Hottest CJs is a more or less weekly list of the Top 10 City Journals kept by Simtropolis member PhatHead. It dates back to July, 2005. The main criteria for being placed on the list is to be a City Journal that has 200 or more replies. As of December, 2008, over 310 CJs are tracked on the list. Once there, each City Journal is assigned a point value based on the number of replies and pages and other factors that PhatHead, to date, has chosen to keep to himself. The weekly list is the Top 10 these are CJs that have the most points. Once a City Journal has held the top spot for 5 total weeks, it is elevated by PhatHead to his "Hottest CJs Hall of Fame," which as of December, 2008, includes 22 CJs.

PhatHead usually starts off the list with some obscure reference or inside joke, the point of which, like the way he calculates rank rank on the list, is known only to him. While his methodology has been challenged over the years, the release of the new "Hottest" list is widely anticipated and generally enjoyed by all. Even his detractors have generally been won over by the dedication he has has shown over the years to a thread that has become a ST CJ section institution, and few would disagree that the City Journals that make it into his Hall of Fame are anything other than the best the site has to offer.

The City Journal List that this article is about can be found here on Simtropolis.