BSC Cleanitol

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BSC Cleanitol
Download from LEX (PC)
Cleans duplicate dependancies so you don't have to!
General Information
Credits Wouanagaine
Support Readme and Userguide
Support Thread
Languages English

The BSC Cleanitol is a simple solution that has been created for cleaning up duplicate dependencies. Thanks to this application, you do no longer have to hunt through megabytes of plugins looking for out-of-date plugins. It also works by relocation redundant files into a backup location outside your plugin folder. It will also move JPG, TXT and HTML files that have been placed into the plugin folder.

In case a new BSC MEGAPack is released, a small textfile is included that tells the Cleanitol which files the MEGAPack replaces, and thus moves the corresponding files to a safe, backup, location.

File:Cleanitol in Action.jpg
The Cleanitol in action