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Author Emilin
Status Active
Tags Hall of Fame · Mediterranean
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Islas Gemas is a region loosely based on the Islas Canarias located in the Atlantic. Credit for the map goes to HabLeUrG of NHP.

Islas Gemas is roughly translated to Jewel Islands, and the single islands are named after different precious stones.

The climate is not tropical, but rather Northafrican (with a Mediterranian touch). There will be palmtrees appearing in some areas, but they should be considered as planted there by humans, not part of the natural environment. The vegetation will also differ from island to island depending on their locations and geocraphical feature.

Also, this group of island is located reasonably close to a larger continent to the east, but with the open ocean to the west. That means that winds and sea conditions are rougher on the west sides of the islands than on the east sides. This will, for instance, have an impact on the need for large breakwaters protecting harbours, and also on how arable the land is.