Casper's Portfolio

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Mayor Diary


SimCity 4 Devotion
General Information
Author CasperVg
Status Inactive
Tags Classics · Transit · Custom Lotting · Mixed Styles · American · Canals
Awards OSITM
Language English

Casper's Portfolio is a Mayor Diary authored by CasperVg. It can be found on SC4D. The author prefers making regular teasers over making large updates with a lot of time in between them, and that's why he has beaten the replies written in one week record. However, it has been dormant for the past few weeks, as it's author has been busy working on other things.

This City Showcase had been started on May 31th, 2008, but then it was radically different than now. CasperVg was showcasing every step of creating his city, while now he just shows the final effect. He also uses his city to showcase some of his lotting. It has formed part of the Classics-sections of the Mayor Diaries, but is currently inactive.

CasperVg isn't afraid of trying different city building styles etc. However, he tries to make his city as less 'Vanilla' as possible. He's also known for his works in regards of transportation. Teasers are very regular within Casper's Portfolio. CasperVg tries to make one everyday. Some people thus call him the 'Teaser making machine'.