Condor Bay

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City Journal / Mayor Diary

A flipped shot of a courthouse in Fordville.

SimCity 4 Devotion
General Information
Author Masochist
Status Active
Tags Best Sellers · Simtropolis · Terraforming
Awards OSITM
Language English

Region Overview

Condor Bay is a relatively small region (as large as 2x2 large cities), authored by Masochist, consisting of a valley surrounded by mountains and set amidst three major bodies of water: Condor Bay, Willow Bay and the Ace River. The entire region, when finished, will be comprised of one fairly large city: Fordville, the capital of the fictional state Willow.

The City Showcase is known for its large updates - there are regularly 20+ pictures, each usually having at least a paragraph describing what is going on - It's also noted for its long periods between updates (usually about a month), as well as its progressive building style. The most well-known part of Condor Bay is perhaps Condor Beach, which remains its most aesthetically pleasing feature.


"Welcome To Condor Bay" began on New Year's Day (Jan. 1st) of 2008 with its first post involving the author finding a fictional journal. Since then, the city has progressed to a mid-sized city, encompassing a large seaport and aforementioned Condor Beach (among other beaches). In Feb. '08, Condor Bay was named a Mayor's Diary "Of Special Interest This Month" on SC4D.