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FSH files are texture files. The FSH abbreviation comes from Franks SHape files. They represent most of the textures used in SimCity 4, including network textures. An explanation of their format can be found at FSH Format. See Tutorial:Creating Textures for information about creating textures, focused on transit textures.

Group IDs of FSH Files

FSH files are collected into the following Group IDs based on their use.

0x0986135E - Base and Overlay Lot Textures
0x1ABE787D - Transit Textures/Buildings/Bridges/Misc
0x2A2458F9 - Animation Sprites (Props)
0x2BC2759A - Transit Network Shadows (Masks)
0x49A593E7 - Animation Sprites (Non Props)
0x891B0E1A - Terrain And Foundations
0xCB6B7BD9 - LE Arrow Images
0x46A006B0 - User Interface Images

FSH files may also have unique groups for user created custom content textures.


FSH files can be called by several file types, see Relations for more information. Possible parents include:

  • S3D Files
  • RUL Files
  • Animation (ATC/AVP?)