Imperial Atlantean Empire

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Mayor Diary

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General Information
Author Emperor Stromont
Status Active
Tags Best Sellers · Alternative to History · Future
Awards OSITM
Language English

The Imperial Kingdom of Atlantis was born out of war and poverty. A once powerful and great nation was left devasted by war, after countless economic depressions the people wanted, the people needed change. The National Movement for Reconciliation and Prosperity was formed and after election victory their leader Michael James Stormont went about creating a new nation.

Today the Imperial Kingdom is a highly advanced and wealthy nation. Located off the western coast of Ireland this island nation has regained its place as one of the most powerful nations on future earth. The people live under the Imperial Rule of Emperor Stormont III in a rich and crime free society where advanced technology maintains and continues to develop society. The Imperial Kingdom and her Colonies have once again found their place within the elite of global nations. This power is displayed by means to foreigners by means of wealth, technology and the master planning of the once war devastated cities of the island.