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Shadow Assassin (often called SA) is a long-time member of the community, having authored many Mayor's Diaries, and since 2007, has been member of the NAM Team and NHP.

His most recent MD, Whitefall, Iridar was one of the first three MDs inducted into the SC4D Mayors' Diary Hall of Fame. As part of his work with the NAM Team, he is well-known for his RHW Euro Texture Replacement Mod, a texture mod which replaces the standard North American textures included in the Rural Highway Mod with more international textures. Under the NHP label, he has released several maps, as well as the NHP Hole Digging Lots. He also released a series of Cycleway lots as an independent developer, before joining either team.

List of Works

Mayors' Diaries/City Journals

Transit Mods



  • Whitefall
  • Zaraki