Province of New Rhodesia

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City Journal / Mayor Diary


SimCity 4 Devotion
General Information
Author 6underground
Status Active
Tags Inactive · Custom Lotting · Eye Candy · Alternative to History
Awards Trixie · SCC Award · Simphoni Award · OSITM
Language English & Welsh

The Province of New Rhodesia, is a CJ that was founded in November 2004, and was brought over to SC4D in August 2008.


This CJ is largely centred around the development of the capital: New Rhodesia City (Welsh:Rhodesia Newydd Dinas). It is located approximately 15 miles south-west of Cardiff. Fictionally overlapping Barry. The CJ contains a high-degree of custom made content, which is made to ensure that the CJ maintains a degree of individualism and uniqueness. It is wholly European in presentation.

The Province of New Rhodesia is one of five other provinces that form The Dominion of Wales, an alternative reality nation, that operates as a Dominion of the U.K, rather than a conquered state. For more information about this historical difference, please read the Irish parallel: Dominion of Ireland.