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Resource Key Type (RKT) is a common Exemplar property which is used to reference models. There are several different RKT variants that are used in SC4, which are detailed below:


RKT0 is used to reference a single true-3D model that applies to all zoom levels (1 model total). This is used on many NAM puzzle pieces, though the practice of using RKT0 has begun to fall out of favor with the NAM Team due to oversharpness of models in farther-away zooms. Only one value is specified here.


RKT1 is used to reference isometric models, one per face and one per zoom (20 models total). This is used on most standard in-game buildings. While the RKT1 property will reference 20 different models, only one value, that of the south-facing Zoom 1 model, needs to be specified in the property. The game is able to infer the existence of the others through the RKT1 property.



RKT3 is used to reference a series of true-3D models, one per zoom level (5 models total). This is used on many NAM puzzle pieces but is falling into disuse in light of new methods for wrapping textures around models such as Embedded Mipmapping. Each zoom level model needs to be specified with RKT3.


Other Properties

The various "xm" RKT properties, such as RKT1xm, are used for referencing mirrored versions of props, particularly in conjunction with Type21 Exemplars. The mirrored RKT0 property is named RKTMisc.