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This article is about the SimCity series of games. For the new SimCity (2013) game, see SimCity (2013).

SimCity is the core name of the highly successful city-building game series developed by Maxis and later Electronic Arts. Titles in this series include: SimCity, SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, SimCity:Societies, and SimCity (2013). There have also been numerous spinoffs, and console and online versions released over the years. A full list can be found here.


The original title in the series, SimCity, was released in 1989. This version has also been known by the names SimCity Classic (to differentiate it from later games in the series, and the series in general), and Micropolis (the name under which the source code was released in 2008). It was the first release by Maxis, and was the brainchild of now-legendary game developer Will Wright.

The next title in the series was SimCity 2000 (SC2K), also developed by Maxis, and released in 1994. This title was a major expansion upon the original game, including the introduction of dimetric view and significant expansions to the facilities, tools, and buildings available in the game, and eventually allowed custom content with the 1997 release of the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK).

SC2K was followed in 1999 by SimCity 3000 (SC3K), developed by Maxis, now a part of Electronic Arts. SC3K featured several significant changes from SC2K, including improved graphics, larger cities, and the introduction and expansion of several simulation and gameplay concepts. SC3K allowed the creation of custom content through the use of the Building Architect Tool (BAT). SC3K was also the first game in the series to feature buildings with four unique sides - in SC2K buildings only had two sides, and the other two were simply mirror images.

The next title in the series, SimCity 4, was released in 2003. This is, of course, the game this site is dedicated to. It featured a significant overhaul of the gameplay relative to SC3K, including regional play and extensive customization potential, as well as the usual upgrades to graphics.

The fifth release in the series was SimCity:Societies, in 2007. It was a significant departure from the city-building focus of previous titles, and is generally regarded as not being a sequel to SC4.

On March 6, 2012, Electronic Arts announced the next installment in the series, named SimCity, which was released in March 2013 to much fanfare but significant technical difficulties and some backlash from the gaming community.