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Trixies or Golden Llama Awards are awards which Simtropolis gives to their members, who have been expectionally good in a particular area during past year.

Dirk has won several Trixies in past years

The categories have had small changes since the creation of the Trixies.. here are the categories since 2006: Community Spirit Awards, Kings and Queens of Custom Content, City Journals Awards, Modding Masters, Sims 2 Awards, Socialite Awards, Forum Specialist Awards and Dirks Warm Fuzzies or Warm Fuzzy Awards.

Previous categories have been: SimMars Awards (2005), Simtropolis Awards (2004), Community Activity (2003) and Programming (2003).


Anyone can be nominated for and nominate someone else for a Trixie, the only requirement is that person has an account at Simtropolis. Nominations for Trixies usually start in November, followed by an awards ceremony in late November or December.

After nominating, the Simtropolis staff does the counting and then presents the winners in a Trixie-related thread. The site usually gets a special masthead, which reminds people about the Trixies.