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Zots in the Game

Zots are the icons that appear over a RCI lot when the lot is not adjacent to a transportation network, the lot is not served by power or water utilities, or in the case of residential lots, there is no reasonable commute path for the occupants to get to work.

The presence of a Zot over a lot is advance warning that the building on the lot is in danger of dilapidation and abandonment, due to essential needs not being met.

The zots can be hidden by using the cheat code "tastyzots". Use of this cheat code, however, will not eliminate the underlying requirement. You might like to use this cheat code to hide the zots, to take a cute screenshot, but the buildings will still dilapidate and abandon.

The only way to get rid of transit and commute zots is to provide the condition that is lacking (i.e: build a street or road adjacent to the lot; establish employment opportunities closer to the lot). Providing access to power and water utilities will remove those corresponding zots, or the need for these can be addressed through use of the cheat codes "fightthepower" and "howdryiam," respectively.

No Job Zot

Rectified by improving commute times to jobs suitable to the sim's wealth level (R$,R$$,R$$$), and education level (EQ). This may require:

  • zoning for appropriate industrial or commercial jobs closer to where the sims live,
  • reducing traffic congestion in existing networks, or
  • providing new high speed networks between their home and work.

No Road Access Zot

A No Road Access Zot will often appear shortly after a new building finishes construction, and it may take the sims a month or two to realise that they actually do have road access.

If the Zot persists, the situation is rectified by providing road access to the affected lots:

  • Residential lots must have road vehicle access along at least one tile of the lot's frontage.
  • Commercial lots must have pedestrian access along at least one tile of the lot's frontage.
  • Industrial lots must have road vehicle access to any point on it's perimeter.

NOTE: Industrial lots may sometimes share road vehicle access with a neighbouring industrial lot.

Sometimes these rules are satisfied by large lots at the time of zoning, but No Road Access Zots appear when sims subdivide to smaller lots.

No Water Zot

Rectified by providing Water to the building. This is usually done by:

  • laying water pipes.
  • plopping more water towers or water pumps, to increase city water capacity.

While buildings only need to be within 6 tiles of a water pipe, the water pumps must be connected directly to the sprocket tile of Water utility buildings:

No Power Zot

Rectified by providing Power to the building. This is usually done by:

  • ensuring power access to power stations, through zoning, plops or power lines.
  • plopping more power stations, to increase city power capacity.