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All buildings, and articles about building types, in SimCity 4. Place all buildings themselves in the subcategories below, not directly in this category. Articles about building types should be directly in this category.

Note that all buildings should be categorized as follows:

  • Maxis - Placed into the appropriate subcategory below, without a suffix.
  • Custom - Placed into the appropriate subcategory below with the suffix '/Custom' to distinguish it from Maxis content.
  • All RCI buildings should be categorized by wealth and tileset (For example, a building would be a member of both Category:CS§§ Growables and Category:Houston Tileset/CS§§) - and placed in the appropriate subcategories within Category:Growable Buildings or Category:Ploppable Buildings below.
  • All growable buildings should be categorized by tileset and wealth level as well - and placed into the appropriate subcategories within the appropriate tileset categories below. Don't forget to add the appropriate tileset navbox(es) to these articles as well.


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