Item Button ID

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Item Button IDs are optional Exemplar properties that tie an item to a button ID. They are not menu placement IDs. They are listed below.

Value:                  Function/Exemplar seen in:
00000000                Dezone tool
00000001                Low density residential
00000002                Medium density residential
00000003                High density residential
00000004                Low density commercial
00000005                Medium density commercial
00000006                High density commercial
00000007                Agricultural
00000008                Light industrial
00000009                Heavy industrial
0000000E                Landfill
00000029                Railroad
00000031                Raised highways
00000032                Power lines
0BE0998F                Ground highway
0BE099C1                One way roads
299237BF                Subway, Vehicles
2992F72C                Pipes
2B730C5B                Avenues
2B79E398                Light rail
4BE099DE                Monorail
6447????                Interchange-based items (???? = Interchange Hex-ID)
8C329937                Roads
A9DE8784                FlameItem
EA6E379D                Streets
00000003                Raise terrain level
00000004                Lower terrain level
00000005                Erode
00000006                Smoothen