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Model Exemplars are exemplars which relate transit models to the various RUL Files. There are two different types of Model Exemplars, Puzzle Piece Model Exemplars and Draggable Network Model Exemplars. Both types of exemplars generally use RTK0 or RTK3 to reference the models. RKT3 is more commonly used on the Rail-type networks.

Puzzle Piece Model Exemplars specify models for use as puzzle pieces, relating them to RUL 0x10000000. They always have the Group ID (GID) 0xA8434037.

Draggable Network Model Exemplars relate the models to the RULs which deal with draggable networks, including the Individual Network RULs, RUL 0x10000001 and RUL 0x10000002. They are referenced in the RULs in much the same manner as textures, using the Instance ID (IID) for the exemplar.

Underground Network Models(Subway/Water pipes) do not use exemplars.

Group IDs

The GID for the Draggable Network Model Exemplar varies based on the network for which the model is to be used, sometimes known as a Network-Specific GID (NSGID). A listing of all known NSGIDs is shown below.

  • Road


  • Street


  • One-Way Road


  • Avenue


  • Elevated Highway


  • Ground Highway


  • RHW


  • Heavy Rail


  • Light Rail


  • Monorail