Natural Growth

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Urban Biography

File:CS NatGrowthPic.jpg

General Information
Author CSGdesign
Status Active
Tags Natural Growth
Awards Trixie (RU)
Language English

Natural Growth features the city "Boston v2" by CSGdesign, and is captioned "The study of a city developing under its own natural tendencies". The concept behind this journal is to explore how a city would develop if decisions about development were made after role playing the decision making process of the sims, rather than an omnipotent "overview" or "top down God Mode" development style. This results in sometimes inefficient decisions being made about development, as well as a relatively small amount of fore-thought in city planning, but results in an interesting and reasonably realistic region view.

Boston v2 was started in May 2008, being originally published on Simtropolis before moving to SC4Devotion and finally to CSGdescussions and CSGforums. Natural Growth inspired a string of similar styled journals, although many of them were more self-funded growth rather than Natural Growth, having missed the role-playing element of the style and focused more on the organic development form rather than the reasons behind it.

Natural Growth is still published and CSGdesign continues to add entries to this day.