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General Information
Founding Founded on 29 January 2010
Webmaster CSGdesign
Administrators CSGdesign
Global Mods Shilka, canyonjumper
Languages English, International

CSGforums was a site created by CSGdesign, author of the City Showcase Natural Growth. It started out as a blog, CSGdescussions, where specific CSG content could be found, growing rapidly in popularity with the forum section being set up on March 13, 2010. Visitor growth of CSGforums nearly doubled each month after launch.

The forum hosted a wide variety of threads, including, but not limited to, Glimpses, where one can post pictures from a city without the need of an active City Showcase, Tutorials and Reviews, BAT/Lot Showcases, Forum Games and General Discussion.

The blog portion of the site hosts Natural Growth as well as a spin-off City Showcase called "The Tunnings Chapter". It also contains a downloads section featuring CSGdesign's content, as well as a series of tutorials and custom content reviews, featuring contributors Rionescu and Gorbag. The site also boasted an exchange, the CSG File Exchange.

CSGforums has been defunct since mid-2014.