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Team Grater is a BATing team formed by Krio and Pat Riot, which has made several dozen releases.


Team Grater was founded in late 2007 by Krio and Pat Riot. The first recruits for the newborn team were JosefBrisko, scotty222, a former team-mate of Pat Riot from the NEBB Team, and Travis, who was brought in as a modder. jayo was first recruited after the founding, but the starting Lotter was eventually removed from the team. dogfight joined the team shortly thereafter and during this time TG was given a team room at SC4D. He has since disappeared from SC4 Devotion and is sorely missed. RebaLynnTS and Yoshi joined to team during winter 2008 and have remained members since.

In the Spring of 2008, CasperVg was recruited by Travis, but disagreements within the team led to a split. CasperVg followed Travis and Yoshi to form ITC, and Krio then disbanded the team, after Pat Riot wanted to take time off.

Team Grater was reunited in July 2008 when Krio and Pat Riot settled their disagreements about the BAT Team. The revived team invited bixel and former BLaM-member delija21, and Yoshi rejoined after he left ITC. Former members such as scotty222 and JosefBrisko rejoined as well.

Since reuniting, TG has been able to establish itself, which it had struggled to do in its first run. It now has 60 STEX uploads and has recently recruited a new BATter, tomdapom.The largest projects that TG has made are the Modular Mall Series and Lee Roy Selmon Project. They are now working on a project called the Suburban Set.

Current Members